The quintessential Tiki cocktail, combining a host of fresh fruit juices with rich Rum. The Zombie was created by Tiki genius Donn Beach, and remains to this day as his most well known and loved creation. Donn was highly secretive about his Zombie recipe, and with good reason. Many followed in Donn's footsteps, copying the Tiki themed bars and restaurants that he originated. Secret recipes allowed him to keep an edge over his competitors who were constantly trying to reproduce his cocktails. Extensive research was therefore required to unearth the original Zombie recipe, not least because Donn constantly tinkered with his concoctions resulting in a series of different recipes for the same drink. Our Tiki hero, Jeff "Beachbum" Berry, was of course the man to do all the hard work (rewarded with a fine cocktail at the end of it, of course). His Beachbum Berry Remixed book provides all the low down on the Zombie, its history and 6 different Zombie recipes that are all worth exploring. The recipe shown here is adapted from The Bum's own simplified version of the Zombie. For an authentic flavour, you'll need half a shot of 151 proof amber Rum (such as Cruzan or El Dorado) as well as a shot of finest dark Jamaican Rum. The 151 proof Rum really is essential here.

Quick Guide


1.5 shots of Dark Rum
1 shot of Grapefruit Juice
0.75 shots of Lime Juice
0.5 shots of Cinnamon Syrup


Add all the ingredients to the mixing tin, add lots of ice, shake thoroughly and strain.


Serve in a Collins glass and garnish with a sprig of mint and a cherry.

Ingredient Profile

Zombie Cocktail

Looking straight down on a Zombie cocktail garnished with a mint sprig and a cherry.

Shot by Shot Guide

PartyCocktails.com's shot by shot guide shows how to mix a Zombie cocktail. Don't forget to check out our Top Ten Tips For Mixing Cocktails

Measure 1.5 shots of Dark Rum and add to the mixing tin.


Measure 1 shot of Grapefruit Juice and add to the mixing tin.


Measure 0.75 shots of Lime Juice and add to the mixing tin.


Measure 0.5 shots of Cinnamon Syrup and add to the mixing tin.


Add lots of ice to the mixing tin.


Shake the drink well until condensation forms on the outside of the mixing tin.


Fill a Collins glass with ice.


Strain the contents of the mixing tin into the glass.


Taste the cocktail and if necessary adjust the balance with a touch of extra sugar or citrus juice.


Garnish the cocktail with a sprig of mint and a cherry.

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